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Now for a little bit of history that you might find interesting. In recorded western history there are many accounts of escorts or concubines. They are somewhat in the same capacity as modern day escorts but fulfilled a much broader spectrum of services or duties if you will. Take for example Solomon, he had over 700 wifes and 300 concubines or escorts. The escorts of old lived with their master as it was called back then, and bore children to their masters and did a variety of duties much the same as a wife only they were limited in what they were entitled to as far as property and ownership deeds.

Now from the perspective of a woman I certainly am limited to what they feel like when employing a male escort. I shall make an attempt at describing how it feels or what the experience is like to be on an escort date for a woman. A lot of different things come into play here in the case of women being on an escort date. One thing is they are not as visual as men are, so really in some points, the male escort does not really need to be handsome, nice looking yes, but not really handsome. Women tend to the audio rather than the visual side of things. If the male escort is witty respectful and neat and clean this can be most enjoyable for the female client. Again as I mentioned earlier if you add a san francisco escort like into the mix it will be interesting, to say the least.